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We stand committed to our customer's complete satisfaction. 

We work for you, and with your insurance company.

"K-TIP radio has worked with VCR for over a year. I have used their services both  at  home and at  work.  They are

not only prompt but great to work with. Their staff look and act professional. They come with the proper equipment and get the job right. Best yet, it's nice to deal with a family-owned business that is local. I highly recommend VCR and their professional team."

- Mimi Stoneburner, President

tion, and exceptional follow-through were greatly appreciated. I very much appreciate the can-do attitude and time you and your firm’s employees provided to this challenging project. You were willing and able to provide service during 'off' hours over a holiday weekend, and all of your staff members, without exception, were pleasant, on-time, and committed to doing excellent, thorough work. Those efforts were demonstrated via the fact that every post-remediation air and tape lift sample analyzed was negative for mold. I have absolutely no reservation seeking your assistance with future projects and will not hesitate to recommend Valley Cleaning and Restoration to others.”

- Angela Zimmerman, Chief Safety Officer

  City of Visalia

City of Visalia

“Thank you so much for your expert assistance with the recent mold remediation project. Your company’s prompt response, thorough prepara-


JV Recycling/Demolition

"VCR has done abatement work and and removal for JV Recycling Inc. with excellence and Professional workmanship. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for this type of service. JV Recycling Inc. plans to continue working with VCR in the future."

- Joey Vasconcellos

Central Valley Sweeping, Inc.

“…We have worked directly with [VCR] on several projects and they know how to get the job done. They are committed, reliable and go above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs…”

- Matthew Bawks, Vice President

               formed asbestos removal for us time and time again. We have found them to be honest and honorable, always showing up on time and getting the job done."

- Patrick Selsor

"[VCR] has been an outstanding company to work with over the last several years. They have per-

“We had a fire outside in our back porch in the Fall of 2011 in which VCR was contracted for the cleaning and restoration. They did an awesome job and were always on time. The crew that was sent out to work on our porch was always very professional and went above and beyond when it came to dealing with our students. Of course our students were very curious to what was going on and the crew members made it a point to say hello and were very friendly to our students. VCR was obviously a great choice and we wouldn’t hesitate in doing business with them in the future.”

- Debbie Valdez, Office Manager

Harold Ellis

"I consider [Lassotovitch] to be a professional and someone who is concerned with the welfare of his clients and the other workmen who help him serve his clientele. I am a home, termite, and roof inspector who often becomes involved with questions about mold, asbestos, radon and other caustic materials. When I need to recommend someone that I can rely on for remediation of any of these substances I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Lassotovitch and his company."

- Harold Ellis


To Whom It May Concern:

Last April I came home from work and found that my home had been burglarized. Beside the loss of material items (jewelry, cameras, TV's, etc.), there had been quite a lot of structural damage. I had a very large French door (with two side-panels) on the south side of my home and a French door for my main entry as well. They had both been smashed out and there was an inordinate amount of glass and wooden debris on the inside and the outside of my home. It was a total mess. 

Needless to say, I was in a temporary state of shock and panic. Fortunately for me, a friend recommended that I call VCR (Valley Cleaning & Restoration) for assistance. 

VCR's crew was at my home 30 minutes after my phone call and proceeded to take charge and immediately clean up all of the shattered glass (and there was a lot of it) and door framing/pieces. Next they made certain that both entryways were secure and installed temporary wooded sheets to cover the gaping holes. With the materials they used and the size of the bolts/hardware, no one was going to be getting into my home through those portals. 

VCR's crew was just wonderful. They were extremely professional and kind, as well as efficient and reassuring. VCR also looked over other damage in my home (staircase, walls, flooring, etc.) and started the ball rolling on getting that fixed as well. 

I can't say enough positive things about VCR as a company and the owners and crew. Their response time was unbelievable, and the fact that I felt secure enough to sleep in my home that night is a testimonial to how well they covered "damage control." 

I know that VCR is a multi-facted company and I would highly recommend them for any service they provide. 

Very truly yours, 

Dori M. Bechard

Springville, CA

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